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Why Hire a Professional Pressure Washer

Why hire a professional pressure washer to clean the exterior of your home? Today we are looking into a 10 year old company called So Clean Home Services based in Maple Ridge, BC and providing services to areas in the Lower Mainland. Homeowners are starting to rave and we’re seeing great reviews to prove just that. They also have a great presence on Yelp!, Facebook, Home Stars and BBB as trusted members. Learn more about them at:

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Exterior Home Cleaning

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Home’s Exterior? Everyone knows regular maintenance of interior house cleaning is important. It keeps your home safe from trips and falls, keeps pests away, health and sanitation and of course will help it look amazing. However, did you know that you need to keep the exterior of your home clean too? Many homeowners tend to let this get out of control due to lack of time or experience.

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Curb Appeal

Improve your curb appeal. Are you trying to sell your home? It’s so important to take care of the outside. Dirty pathways and doorsteps give a worse impression than you’d realise. It makes a home look uncared for, even if that’s far from the truth. Cleaning the pathways and exterior of your home will make it look beautiful, ready for any prospective buyer.

Prepare surfaces to be worked on: Are you looking to paint the exterior of your home, or do some work to improve the pathways? Then you’re going to need to pressure wash them first. By doing this, you’re cleaning the area so it’s possible to renovate it properly. You will need an initial small investment and space to store the equipment when done.

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Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing. You’ve seen those videos of people pressure washing stonework and driveways, and there’s no denying it’s soothing to watch. All the dirt being blasted away to show a clean surface beneath is satisfying.

Save You Time

We all know the importance of time management and hiring an experienced company will allow you to focus on other tasks in your life. After personally hiring So Clean Home Services and putting their work to the test we know they get the job done right and they pay close attention to detail. Our property has never looked better.

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Keep Your Home Beautiful

You don’t want to have to deal with mildew, mold and other unsightly things growing on the exterior of your home. Pressure washing them means that you can easily wash those problems away, revealing the beauty of your home beneath. 

Remove dirt in a less harmful way. Some homeowners think to start scrubbing with bleach and other harsh cleaners when they see mold on their walls. It is one way to remove it, but it does mean that you’re introducing those harmful chemicals into the environment.

So Clean Home Services gave us a non-toxic solution that is pet safe and doesn’t harm plants or ruin surfaces. Visit to learn why they know their stuff to protect your home and loved ones.

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Gutter Cleaning

Have you thought about cleaning your gutters? Many homeowners don’t take this seriously but it’s essential that you do. Why? Because clogged gutters cause all kinds of problems for your home. Here’s why you need to invest in gutter cleaning by professionals:

Blocked gutters lead to roof problems: When your gutters get blocked, they’re usually full of debris like fallen leaves. This is unsightly, but it’s also potentially dangerous for your roof. When water can’t roll down the roof and away through the gutters, it sits on your roof. That water will get under your shingles, getting into the roof structure and causing all sorts of problems. In the worst case scenario, you’ll need to replace some or all of your roof due to mold or wood rot. Perimeter damage can also occur when water overflows causing soil beneath to loosen and penetrate walls structures.

Debris leads to mold and mildew growth: If dead leaves and other debris is left in your gutters, it does allow mold and mildew to grow not to forget about bug infestation. These pose problems for your roof, especially if they start damaging shingles and start allowing water into your roof. Regular cleaning is needed to stop this from happening and bugs from appearing causing health issues inside and out. So Clean Home Services recommended to us to have this done every 6 months to 1 year, all depends on tree growth close to your home.

Cleaning gutters poses a danger: If you try to clean your gutters yourself, you’ll have to get up on a ladder to start working on it. Doing anything on your roof is dangerous, and this is no exaggeration. Standing on a ladder means you’ll be in danger of falling, and of injury. It’s a much better idea to call the experts to make them spotless and drains cleared.

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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning: Of course, you know that your windows need to be cleaned regularly. No one wants to put up with dirty windows on their home. There are several benefits of having them cleaned that you may not know about, though.

Allow more sun in: When the windows are dirty, you’re not going to be able to see through them. That’s bad news if you want to see the view, so keeping them clean is vital. What you may not have thought about is how the sun keeps your home warm, especially in the winter. When the sun’s UV rays are allowed in, they will warm the house up, keeping it toasty. If the windows are dirty though they can’t work as effectively so you’re not getting the benefit of them. When we searched and found, their estimate was fair and the quality of work was the best we have seen and we’ve hired other experienced contractors in the past. James at So Clean takes pride in his work and his workers are also very friendly and up to speed with perfection. We are very satisfied and keep them coming back year after year.

Improve curb appeal: Again, clean windows are so important to curb appeal. Clean windows are a sign that a home is well cared for. If you’re not keeping them clean, then you’re not ensuring that you’re looking after your house. If a potential customer sees they’re dirty, they may not want to see what else the house has to offer.

Avoid damage to windows: Yes, cleaning your windows stops them from getting damaged over time. How? When the windows are exposed to things like acid rain, oxidisation and more, these will damage the windows over time. If left long enough, they’ll even lead to you needing to replace them. Cleaning the windows often means that you’ll never have to deal with that.

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Roof Moss Cleaning

We can’t say enough about So Clean Home Services. Our roof still looks brand new after 2 years of their service and they keep it maintained with a health and roof safe product every 2 years. Moss can be a sign something is wrong, so you need to get it checked out by a professional. Can you see patches of green or white on your roof? That’s moss and algae building up on the top of it. Sometimes it will be harmless and won’t cause any damage, but you can’t take that chance.

A clean roof is a sign of a cared for home: If you would carefully clean the rest of your home, why not your roof? By taking the moss of it with a soft brush and not with a pressure washer as we found best with So Clean Home Services you’re showing that you truly do care for your home, from top to bottom. This is especially important if the accumulation of moss is thick and traps water beneath it or if you’re thinking of selling the property and you want to get top dollar.

Moss holds water against the roof: Moss needs water to survive, and so it’s going to hold water against the roof for an extended period of time. Of course, that’s going to be bad for you. If left unattended, it’s going to create roof leaks and damage that you’ll need to repair sooner than later.

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Damage to Shingles

As well as holding water, moss will fill in gaps in your roof, which creates more problems. As it does this, it will lift shingles out of the way to get the most of the space. Eventually, it’s going to stop the roof being water tight. If you take care of moss before it does this, you won’t have to worry about this.

The Importance Of Cleaning: It’s obviously vital that you clean the outside of your home, just as you would the inside. In fact, it’s more important. If the exterior of your home is working as it should, then the home is free of moisture and pollution. Outside, your home is pelted by these things at all times. Dirt is constantly piling up, and the longer you leave it, the worse it gets.

Regular cleaning is so important for your home. It stops these pollutants building up and creating structural problems over time. It also keeps your home looking good. There’s a lot to be said for pride of your home, and keeping it clean and neat.

Of course, if you’re looking to sell your home, it’s even more important that you keep your home clean. If you don’t, you’re not going to make the right first impression.

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Cleaning And Chemicals

So Clean Home Services has really drove home the message about this. No matter what you’re cleaning, you need to think about the chemicals used in cleaning. You wouldn’t use the wrong products to clean inside your house, so why would you use the wrong ones outdoors?

Many would think it wouldn’t matter, but they would be wrong. The wrong chemicals will actually cause damage to the environment around your home. That could mean damaging your plants that you worked so hard to grow. It could take paint off your home’s exterior. It could even hurt your pets, and of course you don’t want that to happen.

The best way to avoid this is to use the right chemicals that won’t hurt the environment. This where hiring a professional is important, as they know what the right ones are. For example; So Clean Home Services use a hydrogen peroxide solution for roofs, avoiding bleach as it can cause so much damage. For windows, they simply use Sunlight or Dawn to degrease and clean them. For grounds or concrete, they use diluted degreasers, sodium hypochlorite and 50 seconds. These are mostly safe agents for cleaning when used properly in the correct applications.

Why Hire A Professional Pressure Washer?

It’s clear that cleaning your home’s exterior is vital for so many reasons. It improves the look of the home, improving curb appeal into the bargain. It stops damage happening over time, and allows you to make repairs and renovations easily. Most importantly, it prolongs the life of elements such as your roof and windows. In the long term, you’ve got to pay attention to the cleaning of your home’s exterior.

Who should do this?

There’s a lot of home owners who want to take care of it themselves. That makes sense, as they want to look after their homes themselves and most likely save money. They’re proud of their property, and want to do their best to care for it.

That’s understandable, but the problem is that there’s some jobs that they aren’t qualified to do. This is especially true when it’s jobs that need you to get onto the roof. It’s incredibly dangerous without the right equipment and know how. How can you ensure you’ll be safe when you do so?

Also, home owners don’t have the experience in the best ways to clean certain areas. It’s so tempting to grab whatever chemicals are in your kitchen cabinets and get to work. The problem is, not every chemical is good for your home or the environment around it. They may look as though they’ve cleaned the environment around them, but the cause of moss or mold is still lurking underneath. You won’t know that, so you’ll be stuck in the loop of cleaning.

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Instead, it’s much better for you to call the trained professionals at They have the expertise to clean anything on the exterior of your home the right way, ensuring that all related problems are taken care of, also have the right training. Finally, take the risk away from you. Good cleaners like So Clean Home Services are also insured with worker’s compensation, so you know everyone involved is protected.

Having a professional take on cleaning jobs for you removes worry and stress, something that will make you feel much better about getting your home cleaned. You’ll save so much time too, as you’re not spending whole days trying to get your windows cleaned. Save yourself the hassle, and get the experts to come help you.

The Next Step

Now you know how important it is to keep your home clean, what do you do? You need to call on the experts to keep your home’s exterior clean. So Clean Home Services operates in the Maple Ridge, Mission, Langley, Surrey, Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, and Port Moody areas. Give them a call today and get your home looking as good as new.

Cleaning the exterior of your home is so important to every aspect of your home life. Cleaning it keeps the elements out, especially water in your roof. This keeps you safe, and of course away from the elements. Cleaning also vastly improves the look of your home, important if you’re selling it or just want to be proud of it. It finally avoids damage to the home, such as the windows and roof, as you’ll remove things like moss that cause problems if left long enough.

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