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Roof De Moss: Sadly, this is an area of the home that is the most overlooked and undervalued until it comes time to replace it. Organic matter eats away at your shingles causing major roof damage and deterioration.

Black mold, algae and thick moss will quickly break down the protective surfaces and cause lifting of shingles allowing water to enter the home. A simple routine maintenance every 2 years will save the average homeowner thousands while doubling the life span of materials.

Routine Roof DeMossing

Routine Roof Cleaning Service in Maple Ridge is essential. You will be replacing your roof much sooner if left untreated or neglected. Warranties of your roof will be voided should you hire the wrong company to clean the surface. Never hire a company that uses direct pressure, regardless of different building materials
used for roof construction.

roof de moss

Roofers and Manufactures encourage home owners to do routine maintenance to protect the surface from the elements.

Pressure Washing BC is your safe choice when it comes to correctly removing your roofs contaminates. We will never use direct pressure and we soft brush large moss clumps to allow a biodegradable roof safe product to be applied and effectively break down organic matter without damage to the surface or the environment.

Roof Cleaning Service in Maple Ridge

Your service includes a 5 point roof inspection to check for exposed nails, torn or broken tiles, improper flashing, check for lifted shingles and other problem areas.

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Bring renewed life to your roof with Pressure Washing BC’s Defense Against Moss.

  • No damaging pressure-washers
  • 24 Months moss-free guarantee after service
  • Protect your home and save money
  • Remove persistent algae and moss growth
  • Our roof de-mossing treatments brings new life to your roof and protect your home from structural deficiencies

Long lasting and better looking roof. If your home is starting to show black mold and moss is forming, then trust the company that provides a 2 years moss-free guarantee. Protect your investment, stay ahead of the game. Schedule your free estimate today for a roof cleaning in your neighborhood.

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