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Maple Ridge, BC

Roof De Moss: Sadly, this is an area of the home that is the most overlooked and undervalued until it comes time to replace it. Organic matter eats away at your shingles causing major damage and deterioration.

Black mold, algae and thick moss will quickly break down the protective surfaces and cause lifting of shingles allowing water to enter the home. A simple routine maintenance every 2 years will save the average homeowner thousands while doubling the life span of materials.

Service Price:

10 cents per square feet for small moss accumulation. Requires minimal manual scrubbing, cleanup, and applying the solution to prevent future growth.

20 cents per square feet for thick moss or heavily soiled roofs require more time to manually scrub, clean up, and apply the solution to all surfaces to prevent future growth.

Routine of Roof De Moss

Routine Cleaning Service in Maple Ridge is essential. You will be replacing it much sooner if left untreated or neglected. Warranties will be voided, if you hire the wrong company to clean the surface. Never hire a company that uses direct pressure, regardless of different building materials used for construction.

Roofers and Manufactures encourage home owners to do routine maintenance to protect the surface from the elements.

So Clean is your safe choice when it comes to correctly removing contaminates. We will never use direct pressure and we soft brush large moss clumps to allow a biodegradable roof safe product to be applied and effectively break down organic matter without damage to the surface or the environment

Roof Cleaning Service in Maple Ridge

Your service includes a 5-point roof inspection to check for exposed nails, torn or broken tiles, improper flashing, and check for lifted shingles, and other problem areas.

Bring renewed life with So Clean’s Defense Against Moss.

  • No damaging pressure-washers
  • 24 Months moss-free guarantee after service
  • Protect your home and save money
  • Remove persistent algae and moss growth
  • Our roof de-moussing treatments brings new life and protect your home from structural deficiencies

Long-lasting and better-looking surface. If your home is starting to show black mold and moss is forming, then trust the company that provides a 2-year moss-free guarantee. Protect your investment, and stay ahead of the game. Schedule your free estimate today for a roof de moss in your neighborhood.


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What our clients say about us?

Jeanette Bill
Jeanette Bill
James was very professional and did an amazing job. I would highly recommend So Clean
Jan - AJ - Elmer
Jan - AJ - Elmer
James and Tom pressure washed our home the other day and we're very pleased with every aspect of the job. They showed up on time as promised and ensured that we were happy before they left. We'll definitely be calling upon them again in the future. It was a pleasure to have you come and make our home 'So Clean'. Thank you both very much for a job well done!
Darline Woloshyn
Darline Woloshyn
Had So Clean out to clean our gutters and some windows . I got two quotes, theirs was slightly lower than the other one and the other one didn't even cover the whole job. So Clean did the windows inside and out, took the screens out and cleaned them, then replaced them for me. Recommend them and will get them again.
Igor Mednikov
Igor Mednikov
Great job! Hard working professional fixed my gutters and overhanging trees!
Shurli Allinott
Shurli Allinott
James is the absolute BEST! Such a great guy that does incredible work!
Heather Stockwell
Heather Stockwell
Second time using them for gutters and roof. Always great work.
Joe Wowk
Joe Wowk
So Clean came out to my home in Maple Ridge and did my house washing and gutters and did an amazing job! Great guys, great service and great value! Highly recommended for anyone who needs this kind of service.
Evangelos Lanaras
Evangelos Lanaras
Amazing job
T Price
T Price
I had So Clean at my residence in maple Ridge to do some pressure washing and gutter cleaning. The boys are very thorough and professional. They did an amazing job! I will have them back to do my window cleaning. Highly recommended will not be disappointed
Peak Janitorial
Peak Janitorial
We request different jobs for So Clean. Gutter Cleaning Pressure Washing Roof Cleaning Gutter Repairs Window Cleaning After the result was amazing a job we are so happy with there services.

Why Choose us?

Likewise, So Clean leaves no stone unturned to undertake all the measures during roof moss removal. We know that a little rough handling may cause more damage to the house than benefiting it. However, you may easily understand the procedure that we use after studying the following details.

Need of Roof Moss Removal

First of all, you need to understand why it is important to remove moss on the roof. There is a long list of the expected damages by roof moss. For instance, it can damage the vital parts of the roof. It can cause water to seep through shingles and destroy the rafters. This may be very dangerous for the main structure and cause huge expenditures on reconstructing the various parts of the roof.

Moreover, it may help many other precarious objects to grow on the roof like liverworts, black mold, lichen and algae. This all can create havoc if not tackled in time. Undoubtedly, everybody loves his house and wishes to keep it intact. For that purpose, it is the best choice for you to contact So Clean. Be confident; we know our job very well.

Most Affected Areas of the Roof

Various parts of the roof like rafters, pitch, roof covering, underlayment, decking, shingles, edges etc. are most affected by the long-term and perpetual growth of the moss. Under heavy and long-time growth of moss, these vital parts slacken their grip, get weedy and start leaking after absorbing too much water. Most critical damage goes to asphalt shingles after a long time oozing of water.

You may have understood well that ignoring the green material growing on your roof can prove too dangerous. Be assured, you will be contented after selecting So Clean for help. Feel relaxed and be comfortable. We know all the agents which damage the structure and hence very effectively we manage all the problems for you with utter confidence.

Low-Pressure Washing

Reckless usage of various agents, chemicals and especially pressure washing can cause unfixing of the underlayment and the decking which are the last barriers against water seeping. Their water-resistant material loosens its footing and, afterwards, there is no more resistance for safety. Water starts dripping from the roof soon after the damage to the underlayment and decking.

Our low-pressure washing technique does not do any harm to the already loosening gravel. We very slowly and carefully remove every root of the creepers. For subsiding further growth of the creepers we use various inhibitors which bring no harm to the structure of the roof.

Longevity of the Job

So Clean is unique in its performance by dint of another factor. We use our special cleaners and inhibitors which decelerate the growth of moss, algae, lichen, liverworts etc. Low-pressure washing and soft brushing need more exertion and time. However, these measures ensure the durability of the job.

With this special technique, the roof remains secured from moss, algae, liverworts or any other kind of growth for a longer time. Hence there are fewer chances of water leaching and annihilation of the roof.

Roof Moss Removal