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House Washing


House Washing Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge, BC

If your house needs a long-overdue home washing, you should consider hiring a professional house washing company. They will come to your house and handle everything from top to bottom. It is vital that you maintain all the surfaces around your home for it to look its best, especially when you have company coming over or selling your property.

Take care of any tough to reach areas, like second and third story windows, gutters, fascia boards, and soffits. House pressure washing services are a great way to prepare your home for the market without having to spend all your time doing it yourself.

So Clean Home Services, also known as So Clean gets the results you need in a short time with their experience which offers you great value in time-saving management and attention to detail. Don’t put off unsightly cleaning for long as it will deteriorate building materials costing you more in the long run. Get in touch with So Clean Home Services and find out how easily they can help you make your home or business look its best.

Service Price:

1500-2500 Sq/Ft
$350 1-Story house
$450 2-Story house
$650 3-Story house

2500-4500 Sq/Ft
$450 1-Story house
$650 2-Story house
$850 3-Story house

What are the benefits of house washing?

House washing can be a great benefit to those who are looking for a way to help clean their homes. Home cleaning services provide you with the ability to have your house cleaned in a timely manner. People have busy schedules and are looking for a way to ensure their home is clean. Poor health contributors like dust mites, pollen, and other allergens can pose a huge risk to you and your loved ones. If you have pets in your home, it will certainly help get rid of allergies and odors around your home.

What is the Soft or low pressure washing of a house?

Soft washing is very important when cleaning a house. Soft pressure is an important step to remove mildew and stains when used correctly on the outside of buildings or homes by applying a detergent first to break down contaminants and knowing what pressure best suits different applications. This process helps to prevent damage that can occur when using high pressure. This system is best used for cleaning decks, fences, and other outdoor surfaces. Soft washing is also called low-pressure washing because it uses only 0 to 3 gallons per minute (GPM). Use detergent: apply an appropriate amount of detergent over a wide area; let it sit for several minutes, then scrub with a brush and rinse thoroughly.

Why does soft washing matter for house cleaning?

Soft washing has a gentler approach to cleaning. People often use too much pressure; it is important because it helps to prevent damage to the home’s surface and other surfaces around the property. It is a safe alternative to high-pressure cleaning, which can cause damage to paint and woodwork. Soft washing won’t strip the protective layer of your home and will be more effective in removing contaminants from the surface of your home.

Siding Cleaning

Often cleaned using a soap and water scrubber. We’ll apply one gallon of water mixed with a non-toxic and stain-resistant cleaning agent.

house washing Maple Ridge
deck washing

Deck Washing

Give an aged deck its natural beauty again. Deck washing will get rid of fungus, algae, and dirt stains. Our cleaner can be applied to different types of decks and outdoor wood furniture.

Driveway Washing

Get rid of the moss and mildew that thrive in the warmer months. Algae and moss often appear in spring or summer and should be eliminated since they can damage your driveway’s surface causing stains that can also be unhealthy.

driveway washing
sidewalk washing

Sidewalk Washing

The best method for cleaning concrete, brick, and stone is pressure washing. Maintaining your walkway or sidewalk has a big influence on the look of your property. These parts of your property see a lot of traffic and need cleaning.


What our clients say about us?

Jeanette Bill
Jeanette Bill
James was very professional and did an amazing job. I would highly recommend So Clean
Jan - AJ - Elmer
Jan - AJ - Elmer
James and Tom pressure washed our home the other day and we're very pleased with every aspect of the job. They showed up on time as promised and ensured that we were happy before they left. We'll definitely be calling upon them again in the future. It was a pleasure to have you come and make our home 'So Clean'. Thank you both very much for a job well done!
Darline Woloshyn
Darline Woloshyn
Had So Clean out to clean our gutters and some windows . I got two quotes, theirs was slightly lower than the other one and the other one didn't even cover the whole job. So Clean did the windows inside and out, took the screens out and cleaned them, then replaced them for me. Recommend them and will get them again.
Igor Mednikov
Igor Mednikov
Great job! Hard working professional fixed my gutters and overhanging trees!
Shurli Allinott
Shurli Allinott
James is the absolute BEST! Such a great guy that does incredible work!
Heather Stockwell
Heather Stockwell
Second time using them for gutters and roof. Always great work.
Joe Wowk
Joe Wowk
So Clean came out to my home in Maple Ridge and did my house washing and gutters and did an amazing job! Great guys, great service and great value! Highly recommended for anyone who needs this kind of service.
Evangelos Lanaras
Evangelos Lanaras
Amazing job
T Price
T Price
I had So Clean at my residence in maple Ridge to do some pressure washing and gutter cleaning. The boys are very thorough and professional. They did an amazing job! I will have them back to do my window cleaning. Highly recommended will not be disappointed
Peak Janitorial
Peak Janitorial
We request different jobs for So Clean. Gutter Cleaning Pressure Washing Roof Cleaning Gutter Repairs Window Cleaning After the result was amazing a job we are so happy with there services.
Maple Ridge, BC

Why should you hire So Clean?

Fully insured up to 2 million in liabilities with WCB. We have been in the cleaning industry for over 10 years and are confident that our services will help you with your needs. We provide quality work with exceptional customer service. Fast, friendly, and affordable house pressure washing. Our variety of equipment, knowledge, and techniques have allowed us to effectively clean homes without causing damage to properties for over a decade in the business. We’re local for house washing maple ridge and services to the lower mainland area.

You may face a couple of other situations that demand house washing by a team of experts and professionals. An amateur hand may damage some structures that may become irreparable in some circumstances. So Clean offers its services to help you in every situation.

Newly-Constructed House

Though modern techniques leave fewer cleaning jobs for the owner there is still a sure need to wash the house thoroughly after the completion of construction. Cement or plaster smudges need an enduring and persistent job for unblemished cleansing. Newly painted walls may unstick the paint on a little careless handling of the water spout.

Whether it is exterior washing or interior, we clean every fissure and cranny and make them sparkly. Execution of the task without leaving any streak or blemish stuck at the surface of the walls, floor or area around is our priority.

Washing after Renovation

Renovation of a house causes a lot more accumulation of mess than its construction. The reason is obvious. During construction the raw material is nearly completely consumed, seldom leaving any residual. While renovation turns the whole building into mayhem. You find stains and splotches and sometimes dust mites and pollen as well all around you.

The spectacle of the floors and the walls may make you feel sick. However, you need not grumble about the situation. Only contact us and we will hand your home over to you in the best appearance. We use a special compound for washing that brings back the original shine of the floor and keeps it for a longer time, without letting it get dull soon.

Before and after an Extended Ceremony

Sensitive people never like their home to look offensive or unpleasant when they arrange a ceremony at home. They have the right to be sensible about such a delicate matter. In this regard, this can be the best idea to call a team of specialists who will prepare your home for the ceremony. Be confident, So Clean comprises a team of skillful and efficient workers.

Perhaps washing is more needed after the prolonged ceremony than before the ceremony. You see, the guests try to hide the odds and ends behind all the doors and under all the covers. It is a hectic job to look for all the mess and then wash it all. This is again the test of our skills that we look after everything dexterously.

Shifting to a Newly-Bought House

Another situation that our customers often face is cleaning the interior and exterior of the house thoroughly before they shift into their newly bought house. We use special non-toxic cleaning agents to terminate moss in corridors or algae in the washrooms. In the rainy season, the roofs are often covered with algae and fungi. Pressure washing makes all that rubbish clear in no time.

The former owners often leave a lot of trash all over. It means the house is in the worst condition. The efficient team of So Clean encompasses expertise in handling such situations.

House Washing