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Window Cleaning Maple Ridge

Window Cleaning Maple Ridge

Our local professional window cleaning Maple Ridge BC, is ready to do the scrubbing and cleaning for you safely, and efficiently. Leave this time consuming task up to us. Often a difficult and dangerous task which involves climbing ladders, many hours of work, and needs to be streak free and clear of blemishes.

We do both interior and exterior windows, hand cleaning them results with a clear, unblemished shine.

We maintain the highest standards, year after year. We do both interior and exterior cleaning, and hand cleaning results in a clear streak-free shine. At So Clean, we are meticulous about cleaning. Let us help by providing you with this essential service. Our window cleaners are very well trained to work efficiently and give utmost attention to detail.

For cleaning, please take out acid and replace with the product we apply… The acid that we apply helps to break down and remove dried concrete and stucco.

Service Price: For window cleaning services, we have a pricing structure of $5 per window pane and $2 per screen. For a standard home with around 40 panes on one side, the cost would be $200 for the exterior or $400 for both interior and exterior cleaning. Additionally, there is an additional charge of $25 for approximately 15 screens.

Window Cleaning Maple Ridge

Our service takes the hassle out of caring for your windows. Our experienced professionals have backgrounds that include all types. We’ve worked with all types from a single pane, double pane, and French pane, to skylights, glass panels, and solariums. No matter your type of window, we can help!

If we can reach them, we’ll clean it by hand, and we’ll wipe the ledges while we’re up there. Quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. Nothing brightens your home or office quite like freshly cleaned windows.

Tucker Pole Window Cleaning Maple Ridge

Water-fed tucker poles for windows.
This system incorporates water-fed poles that can reach 4 or 5 stories while the operate stays at ground level. It can hook up to any outside water source.

Frames, sills and ledges can be cleaned at the same time. See the difference of So Clean’s service. Make us part of your regular exterior building and window cleaning.

roof moss removal
window cleaning Maple Ridge

Post Construction Window Cleaning

We’ve dealt with it all and can get them looking great again.

After construction. Post construction window cleaning requires more expertise.

Post-construction cleaning requires more expertise due to the specific tools needed to thoroughly and safely clean. Oftentimes, construction covers windows in paint, plaster, silicone, and stucco, leading to dirty windows with residue that can cause scratching.

Glass is prone to scratches, so it needs to be carefully and manually cleaned. Professions offer more attention to detail and specialized tools for cleaning. Hire So Clean today for post-construction cleaning.

Specialized techniques prevent scratched glass.

We use specialized techniques that prevent scratched glass, including scraper blades made from tough stainless steel, ‘0000’ steel wool, and Goof Off to remove sticker residue. We also utilize 3M Scratch-free scrubber pads and eco-friendly chemicals and detergents that effectively remove dirtiness. The acid that we apply helps to break down and remove dried concrete and stucco.


What our clients say about us?

Jeanette Bill
Jeanette Bill
James was very professional and did an amazing job. I would highly recommend So Clean
Jan - AJ - Elmer
Jan - AJ - Elmer
James and Tom pressure washed our home the other day and we're very pleased with every aspect of the job. They showed up on time as promised and ensured that we were happy before they left. We'll definitely be calling upon them again in the future. It was a pleasure to have you come and make our home 'So Clean'. Thank you both very much for a job well done!
Darline Woloshyn
Darline Woloshyn
Had So Clean out to clean our gutters and some windows . I got two quotes, theirs was slightly lower than the other one and the other one didn't even cover the whole job. So Clean did the windows inside and out, took the screens out and cleaned them, then replaced them for me. Recommend them and will get them again.
Igor Mednikov
Igor Mednikov
Great job! Hard working professional fixed my gutters and overhanging trees!
Shurli Allinott
Shurli Allinott
James is the absolute BEST! Such a great guy that does incredible work!
Heather Stockwell
Heather Stockwell
Second time using them for gutters and roof. Always great work.
Joe Wowk
Joe Wowk
So Clean came out to my home in Maple Ridge and did my house washing and gutters and did an amazing job! Great guys, great service and great value! Highly recommended for anyone who needs this kind of service.
Evangelos Lanaras
Evangelos Lanaras
Amazing job
T Price
T Price
I had So Clean at my residence in maple Ridge to do some pressure washing and gutter cleaning. The boys are very thorough and professional. They did an amazing job! I will have them back to do my window cleaning. Highly recommended will not be disappointed
Peak Janitorial
Peak Janitorial
We request different jobs for So Clean. Gutter Cleaning Pressure Washing Roof Cleaning Gutter Repairs Window Cleaning After the result was amazing a job we are so happy with there services.
Maple Ridge, BC

Why should you hire So Clean for your window cleaning in Maple Ridge?

Give your building the cleaning it deserves and use your valuable time for more important things, like managing your business.

We complete every task with passion and with our customers in mind. Each step is done thoroughly and with eco-friendly supplies. We want to leave a lasting impact on your building and the earth around us.
So Clean hires only the best professionals to perform each task. Our passion allows us to perform cleaning jobs like no other. We are here for you and keep your best interest in mind to provide quality services every time you call on us.

Contact us for more questions or schedule an appointment with our team today to keep your building clean.

Hire So Clean for window cleaning

Our reputation has grown substantially over the years, with dedication and hard work by offering the best customer service at competitive prices. So Clean was created to bring equality to workers and customers, with a higher quality of service to homeowners at more honest and affordable rates. Serving all Locations in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, and the Fraser Valley BC.

Safe and Efficient Service

So Clean offers its customers safe and efficient service with the promise to work at the sublime level. Maximum twice a year is a fantastic frequency to keep your all windowpanes and thresholds in a healthy and sparkly state. Hopefully, nobody feels interrupted when the employees visit their house at this frequency.

Though it is good to stay busy with household chores, yet there are some jobs where everyone needs the assistance of a team of experts. Rubbing the adamant blemishes and marks is a fatiguing and strenuous job. It is never a sensible idea for amateur people to put their well-being at risk for such superfluous employment.

Swift and Flawless Provision

Sometimes the stains and streaks are so unyielding that it may take long hours to clean them downright. All the scrubbing and the scouring, even the use of acid remains unable to break the chippings of concrete completely. We use our special product for cleaning purposes that digs up the stiff fragments and leaves no flaws or spots on the surface.

Some people use steel blade to remove such marks. That can cause a scratch and create a mess for you. Our team is specially trained to perform the job swiftly and speedily, without leaving any flaws in the service. This is an output of the experience of many years. The level of our customers’ satisfaction actually measures the extent of our success.

Explicit Features of Our Services

Who wouldn’t like to have all the windows and thresholds of his house glittering like a gem all the time? Obviously, beauty and elegance are the things of joy and satisfaction for everyone. There are dozens of factors that we take care of during our services. Our team doesn’t bother at what altitude they are required to work.

We know that sometimes well-timed completion of the work gets very important for the customers. A little suspension may cause chaos and confusion and upset all plans. Therefore, we make extreme effort to implement the job before the given time. We don’t stop working until we see all the surfaces and corners shine brightly.

Avail Our Services Easily

Obviously, maintaining a good routine to rub the windows clean isn’t an easy job. One’s, unexpected household chores may hamper one’s programme of window cleaning when one feels the need to. Consequently, delayed cleaning of the windows may cause erosion and irreparable damage to the window panes.

Why to bother? Our team is always ready to perform the job for you. A phone call made to So Clean makes us alert and we reach the spot to perform our duty quite in time. Our team works on parallel lines and brawls to turn the windows of your dear home neat and clean with pearl-like glitter.

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