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We are Pressure Washing BC, your go-to roof cleaning company for quality roof cleaning services. Roof cleaning is a timely process and tedious task, especially for those without much experience in this area of cleaning. Hiring a team of professionals ensures that your roof cleaning in Maple Ridge is completed with care and expertise to guarantee visible results.

roof cleaning maple ridge

Your roof is at risk of damage if algae, lichen, and moss grow on it for an extended time, so it’s crucial to get your roof cleaned on a yearly basis. Our roof washing process employs a soft wash approach that is secure for your home’s roof to keep it undamaged.

We offer a two-year warranty on our roof wash in Maple Ridge. Your roof cleaning job may potentially go longer than that. Get a cost estimate from us right away with no commitment. Choose Pressure Washing BC to protect your roof against future expensive repairs and allow it to perform its intended function to its fullest potential.

Residential & Commercial Roof Cleaning Services Maple Ridge

Our team of dedicated roof cleaners has years of experience managing large jobs with detailed washing and safety requirements. We will use our soft wash approach to power wash your home or commercial property.

Roof Moss Removal

We can handle the process of roof moss removal safely and effectively. It’s possible for a homeowner to climb on the roof and do it themselves, but this can be dangerous and not as thorough. Leave it up to us to get the job done with no extra stress.

Roof Stains Removal

Stains can be removed using a solution of trisodium phosphate (TSP), bleach, and water. It can be a slow, painful process though. To clean your roof well, you will need a powerful cleaner, which is what our company provides. We have the tools to remove stains that are hard to eradicate otherwise.

Metal Roof Cleaning

Metal roofing systems can be cleaned of dirt and grime most effectively with the technique of pressure washing. Pressure washers use high-powered jets to remove caked-on dirt, muck, oil stains, or algae that can accumulate over time.

Asphalt Roof Cleaning

Maintaining your asphalt shingle roof properly can mean the difference between having to replace it too soon and achieving the maximum lifetime. It might surprise you to learn that moss, algae, and poor cleaning can cause losses of up to 40%.

Our Roof Cleaning Process

We can identify what repairs are required once all the moss, lichen, algae, and dirt have been removed from your roof.

The five steps in our tried-and-true roof-cleaning procedure are as follows:

1) Method Statement and Risk Assessment

We’ll carefully examine the risks to your property before doing any work. As a result, we can develop a unique method statement for carrying out the roof cleaning procedure. Additionally, we will fix or replace any broken or missing tiles if this happens to occur during the cleaning process.

Be assured that we will work with whatever condition your roof is in. We also assess the roof and inform our clients of the condition before we begin.

2) Roof Cleaning

For effective roof cleaning in Maple Ridge, our team is thorough and detailed in our process and the areas we work on. We use the right tools for your specific roof style, whether that includes a pressure washer or a soft brush and spray application to manually clean. We even clean the interior debris of the downspouts and ensure that no drains or gutters are clogged.

Our methods are unique to our company, and we take pride in the quality of work we provide.

3) Renovating the Roof

After a thorough cleaning, we’ll inspect your roof once more to look for any serious problems. This is an important step in the procedure since it enables us to perform a full roof rehabilitation as needed. We guarantee that your roof will look brand new by the time we finish with it.

4) Fungal-Killing Wash

Following the completion of the previous steps, we apply a unique anti-fungicidal wash. The most effective method of cleaning off algae and roof moss is with a 50:50 mix of sodium hypochlorite and water.

We simply apply with a sprayer and allow the solution to dwell on the roof surface for 15 to 20 minutes, and then rinse completely with low-pressure water. Before moving on to the fifth and final stage of the five-stage process, the treatment needs 24 hours to take effect.

5) Spray Application

Finally, we will apply a spray application of liquid Algecide diluted mixture. It will be left on the roof after the manual scrub and sodium hypochlorite is rinsed down. This step helps keep your roof looking nice in the long run and prevents algae re-growth.

How Long Does the Roof Cleaning Process Take?

If you have decided to begin the roof cleaning and restoration, you may wonder how long it will take and if your schedule needs to be adjusted. Customers in Vancouver BC who need roof restorations frequently ask this question.

Thankfully, your schedule won’t be interrupted at all, and you’ll be able to go about your day as usual. Our team puts in the effort to ensure the least amount of interference or disruption possible.

Since every roof is unique, an examination is necessary to determine what needs to be done and how long the job will take. Our process only takes one day, but we require two days of dry weather after our job is completed to allow for the final coating to work effectively. Don’t worry though, light rain won’t affect the results.

What Does the Roof Cleaning Cost?

Pressure Washing BC stays affordable and convenient for our customers. We do our best to keep overall costs lower than our competitors. Our roof cleaning rates start at $250, and most homeowners can expect to add $200-$300 to clean the gutters as well since both services often go together.

Our average package rates are $650-$1,200 depending on your home size, roof pitches, and scope of work. We are happy to work with customers to lower the price for jobs that require a smaller amount of moss removal and gutter cleaning.

What Are the Benefits of Roof Cleaning?


The advantages of routine roof cleaning are as follows:

  • Cleaning your roof regularly might increase its usable lifespan. Cleaning and maintaining your roof keeps your shingles, tiles, or other roofing material in prime condition, much as maintaining and cleaning the interior of your home retains its value.
  • Seeds, twigs, and leaves that embed themselves under your shingles and tiles can be removed by routine roof cleaning. In the worst storms, it is more possible that you will lose a few tiles because of this debris, which allows the wind to curl up under the tiles.
  • Mold, algae, and moss that develop in the crevices between the tiles or underneath them can also be gently removed by washing the roof. These impurities can harm the components underlying your roof and are significantly harsher on your roof.
  • Every day, a lot of dangerous pollutants land on your roof. The surface of your tiles or shingles is attacked by air pollution, vehicle exhaust, soot, and acid rain, which shortens their usable life and results in small parts of them getting stuck in your gutters. Your home’s exterior may then sustain water damage as a result.
  • Asphalt and limestone shingles are at a higher risk for algae damage. The tiles become thin and brittle due to the natural activity of the algae. These cracked, thin tiles are failing to properly insulate your house even before they start to break off.

Why Should You Hire Pressure Washing BC?

Expand the life of your roof and keep it looking clean for longer with Pressure Washing BC. We apply unique and effective cleaning solutions with a variety of specific tools that transform your roof into looking brand new again. We also keep our cleaning solutions eco-friendly by using organic materials.

Make a good impression on your friends, family, and neighbors in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, and feel confident about the home you live in.

You can trust Pressure Washing BC to provide amazing results. We approach each task with passion and to the best of our ability, and we promise to work with you until you’re satisfied.

Contact us or schedule an appointment today to professionally clean your roof.

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