Roof Stain Removal

Vancouver roof stain removal

We can help achieve the best results and save you money with routine roof cleaning maintenance every 2 years by having us spray your roof surface and breaking down harmful contaminants that are deteriorating the surface of your roof.

Don’t wait till the moss is out of control costing you more money with time and labour to manually remove thick moss.

Our non toxic roof safe product will eliminate moss. For thick moss we manually soft brush prior to application to achieve full saturation of organic matter. This step can be avoided with our 2 year program by simply spraying the surface for preventative maintenance. All of our roof cleaning agents are safe for both pets and humans!

roof stain cleaning vancouver

The Roof Cleaner is a more concentrated product that can be used on your roof, house and deck. The House and Deck Cleaner is not as concentrated and will not give the same results on the roof since those stains tend to be worse.

We apply to a dry surface that has not received any rainfall 12-24 hrs. prior to application and that there is no rain in the forecast for 12-24 hrs. following application.

Should you have any additional questions or concerns, So Clean will be happy to answer them. Please contact our Customer Service Dept. for more information about our Roof Cleaning Service.

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