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Prepare Your Home For Winter

Prepare Your Home For Winter

Now’s the time! Let’s prep your home for Winter.
September is over. Now it’s October, and this means Fall is rocking! Don’t worry, it’s actually the perfect time to get your property ready for Winter. Our coastal weather always ramps up its heavy precipitation around this time of year, and many homeowners forget about, or do not know what maintenance to do during this season.

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Here are the most important tips for preparing your home for winter.

We constantly repeat ourselves about this because they are so essential to maintaining a healthy home or building.

1. Start With Your Roof.

Your roof works hard to protect you from the elements every day. To extend the life of your roof, a bit of seasonal maintenance goes a long way. It’s time to clean off debris from surrounding trees, remove the moss, and sterilize algae growth.

Eventually this debris obstructs the flow of rain water, holds moisture, and begins to compost right on your roof. The effect of this additional biomass on the roof also contributes to leaks around sensitive areas such as skylights, vents, and chimney stacks.
Show your roof some much needed love, before it is too late!

2. Gutters and Eaves-Troughs.

This is where EVERYTHING coming off your roof collects. Gutters are intended to safely divert water flow away from your building envelope (fascia board, siding, windows, etc).

Improperly cleaned gutters can overflow, and quickly cause damage to paint, rot fascia boards, and even erode your home’s foundation.

It is important when getting your Eaves, or Gutters cleaned, that they can be visually inspected in order to identify leaking corners, or other normal deterioration. Best way to prevent gutter problems? Clean your gutters at least once a year!

3. Algae Eats Everything!

Algae and Water are best friends, and they always hang out in shady areas.

Check out the north side of your house, or your roof; there is always heavier algae and moss growth there. Walkways, walls, railings, decks, it doesn’t matter: unless there is direct sun on it, it becomes a habitat for Algae and Moss.

When pressure washing areas like this, use a cleaning agent that deters algae growth. This time of year, it is important to sterilize Algae and Moss, since it is their blooming season, they tend to get very hungry. Paint and wood are their favorite snacks, but leave them long enough and you can even see them chew their way through concrete.

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Our Winter Prep Combo includes:
Roof Debris Sweep and/or Moss Removal
Roof Inspection and sealing vulnerabilities (exposed nails, cracked shingles, joints, flashing, etc.)
Gutter Debris Extraction & Repairs.

*please call for details*

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