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Green Home Services

Green Home Services

Green Home Services – From Green to Clean

Gutter Cleaning:

Picked mainly by hand with complimentary roof air blow to prevent existing debris from entering gutters after the service. Any fallen debris caused by our service will be thoroughly cleaned.

gutter cleaning

Deck & Fence Washing:

Most people use bleach to clean wood, but it damages the wood fibers and dulls them. Bleach has an alkaline PH while wood is slightly acidic. Let us do it the right way by using sodium percarbonate and a neutralizer.

pressure washing Vancouver

Home Pressure Washing:

Environmentally safe chemicals via down streaming or X-Jet to gently lift away mold, dirt, and grime then rinse off using low pressure. We take extra steps to ensure your home is not damaged.

exterior gutter washing

Roof Washing:

Get your roof cleaned to protect it from the elements. We manually soft brush large moss clumps and apply a hydrogen peroxide based environmentally safe product that is proven to work and is safe for your roof surface and materials.

Green Home Services

Concrete Decks and Railings: Detailed cleaning for all your grounds.
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