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Your local professional window cleaning team in Maple Ridge , ready to do the scrubbing and cleaning for you safely, and efficiently. Leave this time consuming task up to us. Often a difficult and dangerous task which involves climbing ladders, many hours of work, and needs to be streak free and clear of blemishes.

We do both interior and exterior windows, hand cleaning windows results with a clear, unblemished shine.

We maintain the highest standards, year after year. We do both interior and exterior windows, hand cleaning windows results with clear streak-free shine. At Pressure Washing BC, we are meticulous about cleaning your windows. Let us help by providing you with this essential service. Our window cleaners are very well trained to work efficiently and give utmost attention to detail.

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Our service takes the hassle out of caring for your windows. Our technicians are experienced with all types of windows including single pane, double pane, french pane, skylights, glass panels, solariums, and more.

If we can reach a window, we’ll clean it by hand, and we’ll wipe the ledges while we’re up there. Quality, professionalism and customer satisfaction. Nothing brightens your home or office quite like freshly cleaned windows.

Tucker Pole Window Cleaning in Maple Ridge

Water-fed tucker poles for windows.
This system incorporates water-fed poles that can reach 4 or 5 stories while the operate stays at ground level.  It can hook up to any outside water source.

  • Inaccessible and hard to reach areas including skylights.
  • Technicians clean windows faster, making the service cheaper.
  • Clean window frames at the same time while removing cobwebs, dirt, dust and debris.
  • Washing for hard to reach windows up to 4 stories.
Frames, sills and ledges can be cleaned at the same time as the windows. See the difference of So Cleans’ window washing. Make us part of your regular exterior building and window cleaning.

Post Construction Window Cleaning

We’ve dealt with it all and can get your windows looking great again.

• Removal of paint or other materials, hard water stains.
• Removal of window coverings, films or protective coatings.
• Carefully razor blade surface to prevent scratches.
• Apply steam to safely extract materials from tempered glass panes.

After construction. Post construction window cleaning requires more expertise.

• Windows get covered with paint, silicone, stucco and plaster.
• Specialized tools and attention to detail is required for window cleaning.
• Thought needs to be taken to select the right tools to clean the glass without causing damage.
• Tempered glass is sensitive to scratches and needs to be manually scrubbed to remove paint and debris.

Specialized techniques prevent scratched glass.

• Fresh stainless steel scraper blades.
• ‘0000’ steel wool, the world’s finest grade of steel wool that does not scratch glass.
• Goof Off ™ to remove sticker residue.
• 3M ™ Scratch-free scrubber pads.
• Acid to break down and remove dried concrete and stucco.
• Chemicals and detergents.

Our reputation has grown substantially over the years, with dedication and hard work by offering the best customer service at competitive prices. So Clean Home Services was created to bring equality to workers and customers, with a higher quality of service to homeowners at more honest and affordable rates. Serving all Locations in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, and the Fraser Valley BC.

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