Power Washing Services Maple Ridge

The goal is to eco-friendly remove dirt, mold, mildew, efflorescence, and many other types of stains from a variety of surfaces without causing further damage to the surface, often used as a preventive maintenance procedure or to clean surfaces before repainting. If done correctly it can also remove graffiti and other markings from surfaces. 

power washing services maple ridge

Residential Power Washing Services

Roof Cleaning or De-Mossing: Manually scrubbing visible moss and applying an effective eco-friendly solution.

Gutter Cleaning: Interior gutter debris is picked by hand with a sponge into a bucket leaving your gutters clean and clog-free after hosing with water.

Pressure Washing: Siding, Soffits, Exterior Gutters, Awning Covers, Driveways, Walkways, Stairwells, and Retaining Walls.

Window Cleaning: By hand using common methods of applicator and squeegee, a tucker pole is also used for hard-to-reach areas.

Gutter Repairs: Fix leaky corners, realign eves, and Install funnels and Cleanouts or strainers. Gutter Guards installation is also available.

Paint Preparation: Remove peeling or paint chips, algae, mold, and mildew of surfaces before repainting.

Industrial power washing services

Multiple Building Structures Wall Cleaning.

Window Cleaning – One-off or regular service.

Flat Roof power washing.

Paint Preparation of surfaces before repainting.

Commercial power washing services

Large Buildings pressure power washing.

Window Cleaning – One-off or regular service.

Flat Roof power washer.

Paint Preparation of surfaces before repainting.

What is power washing?

It is the process of applying high-pressure water to a surface to remove material and contaminants.

Is there a difference between power washing and pressure washing?

Yes, the term pressure washing is often used interchangeably with power washing. Both terms refer to the same process, but pressure washing is often used when referring to residential applications and power washing is used when referring to commercial applications.

What are the benefits of power washing?

Improves the appearance of many surfaces including siding, concrete, decks, pavers and wood fences. It can be beneficial in preventing materials from premature deterioration.

Why should we hire professionals for power pressure washing?

Peace of mind knowing the job will get done with quality results and saves you time to focus on other tasks in your busy schedule. The risk of injury pressure washing improperly is high. It requires considerable skill, knowledge and experience to do a proper job. If you are not sure of your ability to handle these types of projects safely, hire an expert.

Why choose Pressure Washing BC for power washing services?

At Pressure Washing BC, we take pride in our work and strive to offer the best quality power washing services. Our mission is to provide consistent, high-quality service to all of our customers. We are an experienced washing company for both commercial and residential properties. Our power washing services in maple ridge have the skill for every task.

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