House Washing Maple Ridge

If your house needs a long-overdue home washing, you should consider hiring a professional house washing company. They will come to your house and handle everything from top to bottom. It is vital that you maintain all the surfaces around your home for it to look its best, especially when you have company coming over or selling your property. 

house washing maple ridge

Take care of any tough to reach areas, like second and third story windows, gutters, facia boards, and soffits. House pressure washing services are a great way to prepare your home for the market without having to spend all your time doing it yourself. 

So Clean Home Services, also known as Pressure Washing BC gets the results you need in a short time with their experience which offers you great value in time saving management and attention to detail. Don’t put off unsightly cleaning for long as it will deteriorate building materials costing you more in the long run. Get in touch with So Clean Home Services and find out how easily they can help you make your home or business look its best.

House Washing Services

Siding Cleaning

Often cleaned using a soap and water scrubber. We’ll apply one gallon of water mixed with a non-toxic and stain-resistant cleaning agent.

Deck Washing

Give an aged deck its natural beauty again. Deck washing will get rid of fungus, algae, and dirt stains. Our cleaner can be applied to different types of decks and outdoor wood furniture.

Patio Washing

Decks and patios are often made of wood or cement and can be cleaned using the same methods such as pressure washing or hand washing. You should hire experts who know how to power wash a deck with the proper nozzle and pressure settings.

Driveway Washing

Get rid of the moss and mildew that thrive in the warmer months. Algae and moss often appear in spring or summer and should be eliminated since they can damage your driveway’s surface causing stains that can also be unhealthy.

Sidewalk Washing

The best method for cleaning concrete, brick, and stone is pressure washing. Maintaining your walkway or sidewalk has a big influence on the look of your property. These parts of your property see a lot of traffic and need cleaning.

What is the “Soft or low pressure washing” of a house?

Soft washing is very important when cleaning a house. Soft pressure is an important step to remove mildew and stains when used correctly on the outside of buildings or homes by applying a detergent first to break down contaminants and knowing what pressure best suits different applications. This process helps to prevent damage that can occur when using high pressure. This system is best used for cleaning decks, fences, and other outdoor surfaces. Soft washing is also called low-pressure washing because it uses only 0 to 3 gallons per minute (GPM). Use detergent: apply an appropriate amount of detergent over a wide area; let it sit for several minutes, then scrub with a brush and rinse thoroughly.

Why does soft washing matter for house cleaning?

Soft washing has a gentler approach to cleaning. People often use too much pressure; it is important because it helps to prevent damage to the home’s surface and other surfaces around the property. It is a safe alternative to high-pressure cleaning, which can cause damage to paint and woodwork. Soft washing won’t strip the protective layer of your home and will be more effective in removing contaminants from the surface of your home.

What are the benefits of house washing services?

House washing can be a great benefit to those who are looking for a way to help clean their homes. Home cleaning services provide you with the ability to have your house cleaned in a timely manner. People have busy schedules and are looking for a way to ensure their home is clean. Poor health contributors like dust mites, pollen, and other allergens can pose a huge risk to you and your loved ones. If you have pets in your home, it will certainly help get rid of allergies and odors around your home.

Why should you hire Pressure Washing BC for home washing?

Fully insured up to 2 million in liabilities with WCB. We have been in the cleaning industry for over 10 years and are confident that our services will help you with your needs. We provide quality work with exceptional customer service. Fast, friendly, and affordable house pressure washing.  Our variety of equipment, knowledge, and techniques have allowed us to effectively clean homes without causing damage to properties for over a decade in the business. We’re local for house washing maple ridge and services to the lower mainland area.

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