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Gutter cleaning Maple Ridge. This should be done every 6 Months or Yearly, depending on your surroundings with trees and windstorms.

We remove leaves, dirt and grime by hand to keep your gutter systems flowing smoothly and protecting your home from water related damages. Your roof is a dirty and dangerous job so let the Experts at So Clean handle it safely and efficiently.

Our gutter cleaning maple ridge technicians are fully trained, qualified and experienced experts in all aspects when working on your roof. Our attention to detail, safety and customer service guarantees the work is done right. Safety equipment, knowledge and expertise is what makes us the right choice to handle the toughest problems. Prompt service when you call, putting you next in line and getting your work completed before problems arise with bad weather. Custom gutter cleaning in Maple Ridge. Scheduling is available to reduce costs by 50% when you order our annual program.

Why is Gutter Cleaning so Important?

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Water can become trapped due to blockages. This can cause major damage to your roof, walls and ceilings, grounds and house perimeter. 

If you let gutters get out of control it can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Insects and critters can invade the roof looking for food causing damage to shingles or infest the home.

Leaves fall all year-round. You can’t wait until the last leaf falls, all depends on trees and storms high-yield environment. We recommend getting your gutters cleaned each year in the fall and after a storm to prevent build-up and problems before they occur.

Exterior Gutter Washing

So Cleans method is the best solution to scrub off the grime, leaving your gutters looking like new! Cleaning off the outsides of the gutters is a popular option and helps avoid  having to replace your gutters that will rust and can eventually degrade overtime. Left unattended, gutters not only clog on the inside, but they become unsightly on the outside as well

exterior gutter washing

With clogged gutters, the entire system is only going to become even dirtier. Due to the overflow mixed with organic materials sitting in your gutters, you may see streaks of grime, moldy spots, or even algae and moss growth on the outside.

Our special extension power equipment gets your house gutters sparkling and maintenance free. ur cleaning agents are non toxic and wont harm materials or surrounding plants.

Annual Gutter Cleaning

Our annual gutter cleaning is focused on keeping up with the demands of our climates. Staying ahead of the game, you can ensure this aspect of your property is a joy to come home to by keeping it clean. So Clean Home Services does the hard work for you. Gutter cleaning and maintenance is something that should be done year-round. Regular maintenance will improve the efficiency and performance of your gutters. So Clean Home Services does the hard work for you. Gutter cleaning and maintenance is something that should be done year-round. Custom scheduling is available to reduce costs by 50% when you order our annual program.

Gutter Repairs Maple Ridge

We perform a variety of effective and cost saving repairs that allow for extended functionality and durability.

  • Leak sealing – Corner leak repairs, we remove the old sealant, clean and scuff the area free from contaminates and apply Tremco elastomeric sealer.
  • Outlet replacement – Switch out old strainers and re-secure downpipes with screws.
  • Re-Sloping Eves – Stop water from pooling by changing the angle of sections to increase flow to drain properly avoiding overflow issue.
  • Rain Screen installation – Stop large organic debris from entering the gutter channel and keep it flowing longer.
  • Roof gutter extension add-ons to prevent upper level run off to flow directly into lower systems.
  • Gutter Clean out installations and gutter drain hole expansions to increase water runoff and prevent blockages.

Many of the main problems encountered with leaking gutters originate from the joints themselves. Poorly installed seals and twisted gutter sections make it difficult for a good watertight seal. Our commercial grade sealers have excellent weather-ability and high/low temperature expansion enabling the system to perform for many years. Contact Gutter Cleaning Maple Ridge today for your FREE Consultation and Estimate.

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